When used on a standard seated or standing desk surface in conjunction with a portable keyboard and mouse, Pillar raises your notebook computer to the correct height, with the top of the screen near eye-level. In this position your hands are placed in the correct position to avoid fatigue in your your shoulders and neck, and your chin is raised so that your jaw is not extended. 
Easy on the eyes
Not only does Pillar look good, it creates more distance between you and computer screen, which is better for your eyesight.

Highly portable and convenient
When collapsed, Pillar is only slightly wider than a MacBook Air, meaning it can easily fit in most bags. The process of setting up Pillar is intuitive and quick, taking mere seconds.
Multiple uses
Not only does Pillar work perfectly on a standard desk, it is also useful for those who favor standing desks or work at counter height surfaces. In fact, we've found it very convenient at our studio production tables, where we often work for hours on our feet.