Pillar is a lightweight, collapsible notebook computer stand designed to address poor posture and the potential for long-term health issues resulting from the improper use of portable computers.

Pillar grew out of a simple need to raise the notebook computer to a better height. Designer and Foald partner Sruli Recht was suffering from back and jaw pain and migraines as a result of being too often hunched over while working endlessly on his notebook. A travel-friendly solution had to be found. 

Initially, a simple shoebox served as a stopgap solution, but it was neither easily portable, nor did it look that good. After seeing a collapsible packaging system, the inspiration for developing a more elegant, long-term solution took root.

Borrowing inspiration from the breathtaking landscape in Iceland, the design for Pillar is informed by the basalt columns which populate the island. Not only is the hexagonal shape visually compelling, it is incredibly sturdy, making it the perfect structure to support a notebook computer.