The lightest portable notebook computer stand



Pillar is a lightweight, collapsible notebook computer stand designed to address poor posture and the potential for long-term health issues resulting from the improper use of portable computers.

Pillar grew out of a simple need to raise the notebook computer to a better height. Designer and Foald partner Sruli Recht was suffering from back and jaw pain and migraines as a result of being too often hunched over while working endlessly on his notebook. A travel-friendly solution had to be found. 

Initially, a simple shoebox served as a stopgap solution, but it was neither easily portable, nor did it look that good. After seeing a collapsible packaging system, the inspiration for developing a more elegant, long-term solution took root.

Borrowing inspiration from the breathtaking landscape in Iceland, the design for Pillar is informed by the basalt columns which populate the island. Not only is the hexagonal shape visually compelling, it is incredibly sturdy, making it the perfect structure to support a notebook computer. 



When used on a standard seated or standing desk surface in conjunction with a portable keyboard and mouse, Pillar raises your notebook computer to the correct height, with the top of the screen near eye-level. In this position your hands are placed in the correct position to avoid fatigue in your your shoulders and neck, and your chin is raised so that your jaw is not extended. 
Easy on the eyes
Not only does Pillar look good, it creates more distance between you and computer screen, which is better for your eyesight.

Highly portable and convenient
When collapsed, Pillar is only slightly wider than a MacBook Air, meaning it can easily fit in most bags. The process of setting up Pillar is intuitive and quick, taking mere seconds.
Multiple uses
Not only does Pillar work perfectly on a standard desk, it is also useful for those who favor standing desks or work at counter height surfaces. In fact, we've found it very convenient at our studio production tables, where we often work for hours on our feet.


Based in Berlin, Germany, Brian has been working in design retail for over fifteen years. He has filled roles as sales director for the former New York design emporium Moss; product manager for the Shop at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum (part of the Smithsonian Institution); retail director for the renowned cultural brand and independent music label Ghostly International..

In 2009, he met Sruli Recht while on a press trip to Reykjavik and they have remained friends ever since. In 2013, Brian approached Sruli about starting a new company that would combine their experience in design.

Flavia is driven by a desire to make things real, and actualize abstract ideas into tangible captivating objects.

Of Swiss origin, she has 10 years experience in developing clothing, along with sales and production. During her studies in fashion design she began an internship at the studio of Sruli Recht in Reykjavík and, shortly after graduating, relocated to Iceland to continue working in the studio. 

Flavia became Sruli’s studio partner in late 2010, and has been intimately involved in every project since, focusing in the last year on product design. 

Sruli Recht is an Icelandic designer known for his innovative and inspiring designs, seamlessly blending advanced digital design and new experimental-tech with classic tailoring, drapery and couture methods and by applying or inventing uncommon material types in his products. Widely recognized for his unique style of radical clothing and product design, Sruli has received acclaim both commercially and critically.

Not easily classified, his works span fashion design, neo-tailoring, illustration and industrial design, film costume and fine art, and are produced from diverse materials. He continues to expand and blur relationships between schools of design, creating products whose dark, ironic and aggressive subtexts are a comment on social dis/function and sustainability and are instantly identifiable as his.